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Policies & Guidelines

February 6th, 2009 by Erick Beck


Web authors must ensure that information posted on their website is compliant with all university policies and procedures governing online publication.

Web Accessibility

In accordance with Texas Administrative Code and federal guidelines, Texas A&M University has developed and adopted an accessibility policy (29.01.99.M0.01) for all Web pages containing official university information. This university policy and the resulting Standard Administrative Procedure detail the minimum requirements. But developers, programmers and webmasters are encouraged to make accessibility a key planning point and high priority when coding or composing university sites and pages. The Web Accessibility Project builds on these state and university requirements and fleshes out the practical side of creating accessible web sites.


Texas A&M vigorously protects our university copyrights, and we ask that our students and employees in turn respect the intellectual property of others.

When looking for source material in the Internet, it is best to assume that any material (e.g., graphic, HTML coding, text, video, or sound) is copyrighted unless specific permission is given to use it. A simple email request to the owner is often enough to secure permission to use the information.