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Calendar Widgets

I sent out a note earlier today to the calendar-announce email list regarding calendar widgets in the upcoming version of the calendar. I’m repeating that here for those of you not on that list. (If you aren’t on the list and have a departmental/organizational calendar on I highly encourage you to go to the listserv site and sign up to insure that you receive timely announcements about service updates, outages, etc.)

We are about a week away from launching the new version of the calendar. I am trying to make sure that those of you who pull event information through the calendar widgets have as seamless of a transition as possible. However – the widgets do pull directly from the code that creates the website, and some of that has changed.

I encourage you to create a test page and test how your widget will look on the new system. All of the file names/locations will rename the same, so if you simply change your CSS and javascript calls from to you will be able to test against the new system.

I have created a sample page that drops in the default templates. I have noticed that it is possible for local site styles to conflict with and overwrite the styles for the calendar. If that is the case for you, please get in touch with us and we can help you set up a custom CSS file to fix your issues.

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Customizing your department’s calendar

We’re pleased to announce a new tool to help you customize your departmental calendar on your own website: an editable cascading style sheet so you can match the colors to your site’s look and feel, plus instructions on how to use it.

We think this new style sheet will let you seamlessly integrate your calendar into your website’s design. As always, contact us if you have any questions about making the most of the university calendar system, or if your group would like a calendar of its own.

Also, the Full Calendar widget has been much improved. Thanks to Donald St. Martin, the widget now automatically detects the current month and year, which makes it much easier to keep your site up to date.

Instructions on how to use all four widgets can be found in our calendar documentation, as well as 15 helpful hints for calendar administrators, including several new solutions to common problems (many of which we already announced on our email list.)

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