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Wanted…Your Videos

One of the elements that we wanted to add to the new university site, as well as other sites we’re developing for campus, is a tighter integration to our other static sites and to our social media. For the purposes of this post, that means video on YouTube.

If you have explored the new development site for you will have noticed that the second-level pages link to YouTube channels and playlists that are relevant to the page topic. We had considered using inline videos on these pages, but thought linking to the playlists would give greater exposure to more videos.

Over the next several weeks we will be going into YouTube to refresh and add new content to these playlists, as well as create new ones for areas that don’t currently exist.

The great thing about YouTube is that we can pull your video in through these channels and feature it on the university website. I therefore encourage you all to start making more video available and visible. If we don’t already subscribe to your site send us the information and we’ll add it.

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Thursday, December 16th, 2010 Web Content, No Comments

eduWeb – Online Video

Examples of how to use videos on campus:

Create a “build your own adventure” virtual tour, where the tour changes depending on answers provided by the user.  For example, those indicating that they will live on-campus go to one branch while those living off-campus go through another.   A good example is

  • The successful video is short and to the point: ~2.6 minutes
  • Give a Share This option
  • Catchy titles make a difference.  Think “Ninja!”   Here title truly is more important than content.

An admissions office might want to create a series of How-Tos

  • Use these to create a knowledge center
  • admissions, financial aid, tutoring, etc.

Think outside the box.  Online videos are great, but consider distributing through DVD.  This might be of particular use to recruitment centers in urban environments.

Prospective students generally look at video for one thing – “Will I fit in?”

Be creative. Boon Oakley on YouTube uses visual elements of the “page” as a progress meter / navigation bar.

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