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Presentation Slides

Thank you to those who attended yesterday’s presentation, whether in person on over TTVN. We apologize for the technical difficulties in getting the slides to show properly. Ellen has sent me the presentation, and I have uploaded it to Slideshare.


Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 Miscellaneous No Comments

UWEB Meeting: Meet the web accessibility team and learn about web accessibility updates

The next university web group meeting (Wednesday, June 11, 3:00 pm) offers a friendly update on web accessibility, featuring Brittany Olsen and Kyle Boatsman from IT Risk Management. We will try to find a TTVN enabled room, but refreshments will be provided as an incentive for attending in person.

Brittany and Kyle will talk about who they are and what services and initiatives they offer, preview the newly launched IT Accessibility website, and give an update on campus web accessibility scans. They will help you prepare to run your website through the new version of WorldspaceSync, the university-wide accessibility checker, as well as the FireEyes plugin.

Please RSVP this week if you plan to attend. In the past, this topic has attracted large numbers of participants, so we want to find a room with the right size. Once we finalize a location we will let you know.


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