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Google Search Meeting for July

The University Webmasters will be hosting another Google Search meeting and demo on Wednesday, July 31, 2:00 p.m. in MSC 2402 (room number subject to change). As we’ve mentioned, when the contract with Google expires this fall, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be discontinued, so we want to help university webmasters to make the transition.

This fall, will begin using the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) instead of the GSA, continuing to return aggregated search results from all university websites. However, for site search, colleges and departments will need to set up their own Custom Search Engine. Just adding a sitesearch parameter to the query string will not work. Fortunately, setting up a CSE at isn’t hard to do. At the meeting, we will demonstrate a couple of the CSEs that we’ve set up so far.

Note: with the launch of our new Marcomm website, our search documentation has moved to There you can find our latest Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) search box code, which you will be able to use for university-wide searches or as a basis for your site search.

Bring your ideas and questions to the July 31 meeting. We will hold another one in August.

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