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Moved Sites – Update Your Links

Most of you know that over the last two years we have been systematically moving sites off of the server so that it can be dedicated to the core university content. We have worked with webmasters over that time to ease the transition by creating server-based redirects for all of the directories moved.

While done with good intention, this practice has started to have consequences. There are now more than 110 rewrite rules creating these redirects, each of which must be processed on every page hit. While not critically important for response time, every one does add a bit more processing time to each request. So for the sake of cleanliness we plan on removing those more than a year old when we migrate to the new hardware.

The biggest consequence, though, is that with the redirects in place many sites (some of our own included) have not updated their links to the proper location and hence will break when we do eventually remove the redirects. I therefore encourage all of you to check your sites for any of these links and make changes as appropriate.

While not a complete list of all redirects, the most commonly visited are:

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 No Comments