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University news reaches new popularity with social media

Within a few days in August, Texas A&M News and Information was Slashdotted, Dugg and Redditted at record levels. On Aug. 13 alone, 12,773 visitors viewed our university’s news stories. Several social media outlets reached our list of top referring sites for the first time.

The most popular stories for visitors from these social media outlets were Students’ Understanding Of The Equal Sign Not Equal (20,981 visits, our 3rd most popular landing page overall), Gulf Oil Spill Gone? Not So Fast (9,606 visits, 7th place overall), and Texas A&M Fares Well In 2011 U.S. News Rankings (6,125 visits, 12th place overall). (Of course, the Texas A&M home page remained the most popular content by far, with more than one million views last month). Other news stories received most of their traffic from the usual sources: direct links, Feedburner, Facebook, Google searches, and the university Google Search Appliance.


On Aug. 4, we received our first referrals from in a while. We had 669 visits to the TAMU home page because of a single comment on

On August 14, we received 1,505 visits when the home page featured the “equal sign” story. All links to the Reddit story brought in a total of 2,331 visitors in August.


On Aug. 8-9, we received several thousand visits from Digg because of links to Gulf Oil Spill Gone? Not So Fast. The Digg story brought in 3,006 visits, plus another 1765 visits when it reached the Digg home page.


On August 13, the “equal sign” story was mentioned on Slashdot, for 4,613 visits. When that mention appeared on the Slashdot home page, that brought in 5,748 visits.

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