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Move In Day

We are excited to have Res Life Move-In Day on the app again. It was even better than last year with more hits. Using CampusBird to display parking locations, drop-off zones, and dorms. Giving users useful tips and hints on the landing page.

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Howdy Week Success

Howdy Week on Texas A&M mobile app was the biggest success yet based on traffic, it received 198,104 views in one week.

This was the first year Howdy Week was inside the TAMU App agenda module. We look forward to next year being a bigger success.

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Family Weekend Mobile App

The Family Weekend mobile app this year was a huge success. This was the first year Family Weekend was included in the Texas A&M mobile app. Those coming for Family Weekend were welcome with a mobile friendly experience with all the information needed. It allowed users to see events and custom maps right the their hand. We are happy in providing the best experience for those visiting campus.

The family weekend module received 10,449 page views.  Of those, 7,353 came from the On Campus profile and 3,096 came from the Welcome profile.

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Marketing the Texas A&M University Mobile App

As well as attending the mobile conference last week, I was also a presenter.  I have added the presentation slides to Slideshare.

The presentation was on Marketing the Texas A&M University Mobile App.  The primary focus of the Division of Marketing & Communications is on an external audience, we don’t do a lot of marketing to the university itself.  In order to market the app, then, we rely on our partners from across campus – those with content in the app.  We have found that they are the best evangelists of the system, because by promoting the app they are promoting themselves.

Our partners also have a much larger reach than my team has.  The campus visitor center, libraries, transportation services, and all of the other content partners are able to get the message out to many, many more people that we could do on our own.  This presentation will show some of those partnerships, and how we can engage with the large student population spread across a campus as large as ours.

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Kurogo Mobile Conference

I just returned from the Kurogo Higher Ed Mobile Conference, and had a wonderful time.  This is a conference hosted by the vendor for our university mobile app.  While open to everyone and technically not specifically about the app, the majority of the attendees are current or prospective clients.  This meant plenty of new people to meet, see how our peers are tackling the same problems we are, and share ideas.

Rather like my first experience at HighEdWeb, I quickly discovered that almost all of us are in the same boat.  No matter the size or makeup of the institution, none of of us have the resources we need yet are somehow able to produce some amazing work.  We all look out our own apps and see where we could be doing more, yet get compliments from the others who we look at and see as being so much more “with it.”

I am coming home with a lot of great ideas.  Not that the app will be taking all of our time and attention away from the overall web environment, but it is increasingly apparent that it needs to have a place of importance as one of vehicles of campus communications.  So don’t be surprised if I start reaching out to you about how we can collaborate in making this platform better…as well as how we can use it to make your content more accessible as well.

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Mobile App Update

We have launched what I would deem to be a mini-release of the campus mobile app this week.  This release is intended to circle back and get some of the content that was not ready for the Phase I launch, as well as to add some timely information.

  • Modo has updated our app to the latest version of the software framework.  This will give us slightly more flexibility in how content is managed.
  • A Move In Day module will be added to the home page (coming later this week.)  Content was coordinated through Residence Life and Parking & Transportation, along with others having input or providing services during that time.  This module will be removed once Move In Day is past.
  • Aggie Works will be added as a link in the Report a Concern issue.  This will be a link to their responsive website.
  • Aggie Print will be added as a linked icon on the On Campus persona. This will be a link to their responsive web application.
  • A Perspective Student persona will be added, with content created in cooperation with the Office of Admission
  • An Important Phone Numbers page will be added to both the Welcome and the On Campus personas.
  • While not technically part of the app update, we will also be updating the software powering This update, which will be done in early August will affect the Events section of the app
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Mobile App Released

The biggest project we have been working on for the last year is not even a website, it is a complete overhaul of our university mobile app.  We began this process over a year ago, and it finally went live on Monday.

It is available on the app stores now, either as an update to the previous app or a new download if you do not already have it installed.  If you don’t, I highly encourage you to go and give it a look.

Screenshot of Texas A&M mobile app

The new app, based on the Kurogo platform, will be a significant improvement over the previous version.  Our guiding principle in the project has been to identify content that will be useful for our campus users and get it within the app.  The Kurogo platform helps us in this by providing the concept of personas – instead of trying to cram all of the content onto a single dashboard the users can select their audience type and see a screen with content relevant to them.

We do not see this as a one-and-done project.  While Phase I consisted largely of replicating the content from the previous version of the app into the new platform, the entire project will be a multi-phase process where we continually bring in more content, more services, and more audiences.

Our hope is that this can become an important content platform that is embraced and wholeheartedly used by our campus community.

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