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Calendar Features – Importing and Exporting Events

August 12th, 2016 by Erick Beck

One of the biggest complaints that we had about the previous calendar system was that it did not import from other calendar systems.  That was a big disadvantage because many departments on campus used (whether through choice or mandate) another system for their departmental events, and no one wants to have to enter the same event into multiple systems.  So when we first started evaluating calendar products, the ability to import through feeds was one of the most important things on our list.

LiveWhale is able to do this very nicely.  By going into your “Linked Calendars” option you can point your calendar at an external iCAL feed and pull it into LiveWhale.  You further have your choice of linking the event to an entry within LiveWhale or to the original URL in the external system.  We have also had a few extra customizations added.  You can now set your linked calendars to automatically recommend events to the university calendar, and you can add custom images to your imported events.

LiveWhale also has several ways in which you can export events.  If you want to process and format the content yourselves, there is a complete REST interface that allows you to pull information out of the system through RSS, iCAL, or JSON formats.  Through structuring your URL call, you can pull your entire calendar or just specific pieces.

As well as feeds, LiveWhale has the concept of built-in widgets.  These allow you to create and store quite detailed queries and formatting which can be placed on your web page by the simple addition of a javascript call inside of a <div>.   Widgets can be quite complex.  The public facing side of the university calendar is, in fact, made up of widgets rather than native code creating the page look. This in effect allows you to use the calendar system as a back end and format the public-facing view however meets your needs.

Friday, August 12th, 2016 Calendar
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