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Mobile App Update

August 10th, 2016 by Erick Beck

We have launched what I would deem to be a mini-release of the campus mobile app this week.  This release is intended to circle back and get some of the content that was not ready for the Phase I launch, as well as to add some timely information.

  • Modo has updated our app to the latest version of the software framework.  This will give us slightly more flexibility in how content is managed.
  • A Move In Day module will be added to the home page (coming later this week.)  Content was coordinated through Residence Life and Parking & Transportation, along with others having input or providing services during that time.  This module will be removed once Move In Day is past.
  • Aggie Works will be added as a link in the Report a Concern issue.  This will be a link to their responsive website.
  • Aggie Print will be added as a linked icon on the On Campus persona. This will be a link to their responsive web application.
  • A Perspective Student persona will be added, with content created in cooperation with the Office of Admission
  • An Important Phone Numbers page will be added to both the Welcome and the On Campus personas.
  • While not technically part of the app update, we will also be updating the software powering This update, which will be done in early August will affect the Events section of the app
Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 Mobile App
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