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Google Data Studio

July 8th, 2016 by Erick Beck

Google recently released a limited access to Data Studio, which allows us to create highly visual analytics reports.  Their product description page shows two examples of how different – and how impressive – the reports can look.  We all know that presenting the standard Google Analytics dashboard to our decision makers is largely ineffective.  There is simply too much information formatted in a hard to read manner.  Data Studio can make your analytics effective simply by making them read by the people who need to be reading them.

Creating a Data Studio report is similar to using such services as Gliffy or Visio.  You can select whatever metrics that you want to display, position them on the page, and style them to reflect your own preferences or office branding.  Almost any metric that you can access through the GA dashboard should be accessible from within the Data Studio interface.

I have recently created a few reports and given them to my decision makers, and the results were beyond spectacular.   One administrator spent several hours looking at the Data Studio report on the day that I sent it, probably more time than had been spent in total on the typical dashboard reports that I had been sending for two years.  This review resulted in a meeting of that particular project team and decisions being made to change plans on how to proceed on it.   The idea of “data driven decisions” suddenly made sense…because now they had data that was accessible to them.  Of course this result will not be the typical response, but it does show that repackaging our analytics data into easy to read reports is an effective way of increasing its perceived value and even the amount of attention and use it receives.

Friday, July 8th, 2016 Analytics
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