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How Did We Do That? Google Forms

March 7th, 2016 by Erick Beck

We have had several questions about how we created the RSVP forms used for the various Staff Appreciation Week events last week…as well as quite a few requests for copies of the files.  I agree that these were cool, but they were nothing special that we did ourselves.  We simply leveraged Google Forms to create easy to make RSVP submissions.

Screenshot of Staff Apprciation Week RSVP Form Using Google Forms


We had actually begun using Google Forms a few months ago.  We were getting more and more one-off requests for submission forms for different projects, and I wanted to move away from the tedious process of creating and then securing custom-built forms.  Google Forms was the obvious answer.  They are free to use, simple to put together and incorporate into your site, and make data collection easy because they simply submit to a Google Sheet. We are in the process of replacing many of our legacy website page forms with updated Google Forms.  I highly encourage that anyone who needs to collect quick information also take advantage of this resource.



Monday, March 7th, 2016 Miscellaneous
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