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Web Calendar Project Update

February 25th, 2016 by Erick Beck

I mentioned earlier that replacing the web calendar was going to be one of our projects for the spring semester.  I was taken back by the amount of campus interest in participating.  We had over thirty people – ranging from IT folks to marketers/communicators to administrators – volunteer to take part.

This group looked at several vendor products and evaluated how well each would meet our local needs.  The goal was to make sure that the solution works for both us here in Marcomm as well as for all of the departments and offices who need their own calendaring solution.

The team has now selected a preferred solution – LiveWhale Calendar.  The next step (after purchasing and contracting anyway!) is to put together an implementation team to identify the important content elements.  In the same spirit of selecting a product that meets our needs, I also want to make sure that this collaboration carries through the rollout as well.  If you or your office were not part of the evaluation team but would like to join at this state please send me a note to let me know.  I hope this team can also serve as an overall guidance team to promote some best practices for creating and marketing our events.





Thursday, February 25th, 2016 Calendar
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