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Spring is Here

January 15th, 2016 by Erick Beck

Along with the new semester comes new projects needing our attention.  Here is a quick rundown of what is taking up the most of our time now and for the immediate future.

TAMUmobile phone apps

Our vendor contract for the current version of the apps will be expiring soon, and we have recently finished an RFP to select a vendor to create the replacement.  Modo Labs was selected, and the contract was executed right before the Christmas break.  We are now working with people from across campus to identify content needs and working with the vendor to get the app built.  Look for rollout in mid to late April.

Web Calendar

The current web calendar has become increasingly difficult to update and maintain.  We are in the beginning stages of selecting a new software product.  Our intention is to find something that meets all of the needs that our current system meets and extend the functionality to include many things that the current calendar cannot do.  We will hopefully be previewing several systems in late January to early February, with a selection to come soon thereafter.  Depending on complexity of rollout and competing projects, I hope we can launch in early to mid Summer.

Web Development RFP

Most of us have more work than we can handle ourselves.  Marcomm is therefore working with Purchasing to create a pool of pre-approved web development firms.  This will allow departments from across campus to contract with these vendors without needing to do an individual RFP for their project.   The RFP has closed, we should begin evaluating submissions before February, and hope to have a final pool established before March.


We all collect these, right?  But how many of us do anything with them?  Do we even know what metrics to focus on?  A cross-college group is being put together to look at how we can roll out a truly campus-wide analytics program, identify important metrics, and discuss how to use data to drive decision making on website creation and updating.  I expect this will be a year-long project.  If you are interested in participating it isn’t too late, just shoot me a line.

Staff Appreciation Week

Along with our strategic projects, we always have things that come along that just have to be done. The latest is support for the upcoming Staff Appreciation Week.  This website, along with some HTML emails will be front and center for the next few weeks.

I am sure there will be more to come, and many things so small they didn’t make this list, but this will at least give you an idea of were we are putting our focus for the next few months.


Friday, January 15th, 2016 Future Projects
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