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HighEdWeb Takeaways – Part 3

October 19th, 2015 by Erick Beck

What is the most important page on your campus? According to one presentation it is your campus calendar.

There are three important audiences (in increasing order of importance) for a calendar:

  • Internal audience – people who want to know what is going on
  • Internal audience – groups on campus who want their event promoted
  • External audience – the calendar gives a sense of place and shows what the campus is like.

The identification of this last audience rings home to me. In the last revision of the university website I had many people ask why we should include calendar events on the front page and worked hard to remove it altogether. Keep in mind your site audience and their needs, though. For the university website, we very intentionally slanted content toward prospective students and their parents. For these people it is very important to understand what campus is like through seeing the types of events that take place here.

The external audience also comes into play for marketing purposes. We have many high profile events and speakers who come to campus. Use your calendars to show what is happening this week that you want the world to know about.

A few tips to consider when creating calendar sites or events

  • Use imagery. Photos and graphics draw the user’s eye and help to flesh out your event
  • Don’t settle for a static location for the event – include it on a map so that people can see exactly how to get to the event.
  • Push events to your digital signage. If your digital signs have geolocation, target events which are geographically close to the sign’s location.
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