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WWW and Beyond

September 10th, 2015 by Erick Beck

Thank you to everyone who has made comments about the new university web site over the last few weeks, whether that was a “great job” or a “can you include my link too?” or even “I liked the old version better, can you put it back?” We really do listen to suggestions, and continue to make adjustments based on this feedback.

Rather than immediately making each change based on individual requests we will, at least for for the next month or so, be rolling them into a series of scheduled releases. Anything that is actually broken or in need of immediate attention, of course, will be fixed right away, but the bulk of the updates will be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until we get everything rolled out. The first of these is scheduled for tomorrow.

Now that we have a little breathing room and a little time since the site has gone live, we are starting to look at what’s next on our list. We have several other projects that we have been working on but have never had the opportunity to fully devote resources, so hopefully we will soon be able to announce several initiatives.

Thursday, September 10th, 2015
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