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Web Design: Progressive vs. Myopic?

February 12th, 2015 by mdmcginnis

Some thoughts and responses to Lars Damgaard’s post How to avoid ux design trends and why you should. Thanks also to some of our best designers for stimulating my thinking:

  • You can’t amaze people by doing the same thing that everybody else already did.
  • A web design that screams “2015” in 2015 will also scream “2015” in 2019. Great design doesn’t have to scream.
  • Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. – Joe Sparano
  • Nevertheless, great design can be tested. Research can inspire great design.
  • Designs that win awards might not win users. If you lose sight of users, you become short-sighted.
  • Form must follow function. Design is problem solving and communication, not decoration.
  • A new design trend is not progressive because it’s new. It’s progressive if it communicates. It’s progressive if it solves problems.
  • Trends change, people don’t. The paradox? Great design can be oddly conservative, because it’s grounded in human experience.
  • A well-designed glove accommodates itself to the form of the hand. It doesn’t try to break new ground by providing one less finger.
  • One outdated web design trend emphasized small fonts and low contrast. Did fashion kill this trend, or did human optics?
  • Trends can’t dictate the ideal size of mobile buttons because they can’t dictate the size of fingertips.
  • Fashion can compel trendy college students to wear shorts. Even in winter. But not in deep snow.
Thursday, February 12th, 2015 design
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