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Tips On How To Handle Clients That Keep Changing Their Minds

August 12th, 2014 by tamuwebmaster

As developers and designers who handle clients, we all have experienced the client asking for endless revisions.  The Creative Bloq shares tips on how to handle these types of requests.

11 ways to stop clients asking for endless revisions

  1. Start with the intention to develop a healthy relationship with your client.
  2. Educate your client about the real purpose of a revision.
  3. Clearly define and articulate what is a round of revision.
  4. Clearly define how many rounds of revisions are included in your fee.
  5. Clearly define when change requests will be considered extra work and how this will be billed.
  6. Keep the client informed about each phase of the design process.
  7. Don’t forget to show your goodwill and flexibility.
  8. Accept that design is subjective
  9. Accept your mistakes.
  10. Put a stop when needed
  11. Don’t waste your time with the wrong clients.

For me, building a good relationship with your client is the most important step. Establishing that relationship will help with issues that come up during the project.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 Miscellaneous
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