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July 17th, 2014 by Erick Beck

For several weeks I have been talking about Google as a search engine company.  That is true, but let’s also remember that they are a for-profit corporation.  While their search engine is the reason we go to their site, the primary source of their revenue is from selling ads. Yes, I am sure they would love for us all to use their search because it’s theirs, but in the end they want us to use their search because that’s where the ads (or at least many of them) are.

Google has a deep understanding of this, and almost everything they do ultimately has some tie to improving their search returns. Google has become the dominant search engine because they have historically anticipated what people want from a search and produced the best returns. The better the quality of the search the more people they have using the service, and the more people using the service the more ads they can display. They therefore realize that it is in their own best interest for us to publish quality web pages. In order to continue improving their search returns they need us to produce better content. To that end, they have introduced several online resources that help us do our jobs better.

Reading the products page on the Google Developers site is exhaustive. I had intended to do a list of the more useful items there, but the length of the article that would have created changed my plans. Instead here are two new offerings.

Web Starter Kit

This is actually the product that prompted this post. It is a new package that provides an optimized set files to get you started on a new HTML5 project. It has everything you need to make the site responsive for mobile and optimized for download speed.

Web Fundamentals

Another relatively new feature, this site aims at providing a curated set of best practices for web development. Think of it as an online boot camp for webmasters. It is primarily geared toward developing on a mobile platform but the lessons and tips presented are useful anywhere.

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 HTML, Search
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