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Google Emphasizes Mobile

July 16th, 2014 by Erick Beck

Google made a big announcement on Monday regarding search returns for mobile devices. They recognize the growing importance of mobile and are taking steps to make mobile search more user friendly.  People grow frustrated with they click through to a site and can’t read its content, so Google  will begin posting notices on the search return page for entries that contain primarily technologies that may not work on mobile devices. The prime example would be Adobe Flash, since it does not run on iOS devices. Here is an example of what they say it might look like:

Screenshot of Google search return

It may be some time before we see how this actually plays out. I did a quick search for sites that I know contain flash — even those which are 100% flash driven — and I am not seeing the notice in my search results. My Android phone does support Flash, but even on an iPad I couldn’t find an example of a site with a notice. In doing this search I noticed that many sites are already moving from Flash to HTML5 animations anyway.  Even those which haven’t are starting to do a better job of replacing the Flash content with at least static image content.  Still, I think the fact that Google is taking this step is a clear signal that we need to meet our users’ needs however they come to our sites.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 Mobile Web, Search
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