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Hello World!

July 10th, 2014 by Charlie Harris

Since this is the first time I am posting to the Webmaster blog, I thought I would go ahead and just make this a general introduction.

“Hi, I’m Charlie.”

I’m the system administrator as well as general “IT guy” in Marketing & Communications. Simply put, my job is to make sure all the sites and applications we develop are up, running and accessible. I started here in 2006 as a part of CIS’s Customer Applications group. Over the next three years or so, I slowly moved from half-time to full time at Marcomm. Eventually in 2010 they decided just to hire me directly as a regular employee and I have been here since.

My main duties consist of taking care of all our web and application servers which are currently housed with the CIS Infrastructure group VM service. We do have a few machines on our own hardware remaining in the Teague machine room which we hope to have moved by the end of the summer. In my next few posts I hope to outline some of our server hardware and services history and outline some of the decisions we made along the way. Later on I hope to talk about ways we are trying to improve the way we do things and keep up with all the interesting new technologies out there.

Looking forward to it!

Thursday, July 10th, 2014 Systems
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