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SEO Report – Status of Marcomm Sites, Part 3

June 26th, 2014 by Erick Beck

On Campus search

A significant amount of our overall search-generated traffic comes from the local search box embedded on our web pages. Because this search is powered by Google, the overall referral traffic is going to be heavily skewed in favor of Google over other public search engines. This explains the wide gap in the breakdown in the previous section.

A separate analysis of the campus search is important because its audience and user base is going to be dramatically different from the users of public search engines. These users are already in our web environment and will be typically considered an internal audience rather than an external audience. Looking at the different use patterns on this search and the public search, then, should give insight into the differences in what internal and external audiences are looking for.

User of on campus search

The site, which is the target of the search box on and most Marcomm owned sites, is our second most visited site after the university’s main site. Over the period of May 18 to July 17 we had 43,976 unique users with 309,468 page views.

Most Common Search Terms

Google gives us access to search analytics. From these we can get a month-by-month breakdown of the most common searches and the number of times each keyword query was used. There are monthly fluctuations on the most popular search term, with the variations being linked to events occurring at the time (ring dance, graduation, football games, etc.)

In order to get an overall picture, the following list is the top 20 search terms over the period October 2013 (when the new search went online) to today (June 17):

1. library – 10,366
2. directory – 10,204
3. tuition – 9,666
4. calendar – 8,142
5. ais – 6,959 (Applicant Information System)
6. email – 6,855
7. academic calendar – 6,847
8. employment – 6,540
9. housing – 6,502
10. sso – 6,231
11. jobs – 5,790
12. human resources – 4,618
13. registrar – 4,102
14. guardian – 3,605
15. financial aid – 2,843
16. scholarships – 2,676
17. nursing – 2,495
18. mascot – 2,420
19. parking – 2,327
20. football – 2,316


Thursday, June 26th, 2014 Search
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