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SEO Report – Status of Marcomm Sites, Part 2

June 25th, 2014 by Erick Beck

Key word searches in which our pages appear

Google gives us insight into queries in the wild that return our pages. These are searches that users make in which one of our pages is presented on the return page. This does not imply that the user actually clicked through to our site, it only gives information on whether our page was one of the options that they were able to see. Again, each site has a unique set of relevant key words based on the site content. – analysis here is problematic because of several faculty members who maintain pages on the server. We get a lot of residual hits that are mostly people looking for something entirely different but a page on the content our our site comes up. I will mark those with a *

  • culture/what is culture/definition of culture * – upper first page
  • tamu jobs/employment – upper first page
  • davey crockett * – middle 1st page
  • yellow rose of texas lyrics * – upper first page
  • battle of san jacinto * – upper first page
  • mexican independence * – upper first page
  • susanna dickinson * – upper fist page
  • tamu sport pass – upper first page
  • adams onis treaty * – upper first page
  • urea cycle * – lower first page
  • battle of gonzales * – upper first page
  • texas a&m address – upper first page
  • texas a&m history – upper first page – probably our best site in terms of general topics. If we can tie stories to our grand challenges or other topics we want to elevate we should be in good shape.

  • tamu mascot
  • upper 1st page is lightning hotter than the sun
  • upper 1st page on tvmdl (texas a&m veterinary medical diagnostic lab)
  • lower 1st page on texas a&m health science center
  • lower 1st page on modern day pirates
  • upper 1st page on texas a&m enrollment
  • upper 1st page on lightning rods on homes
  • upper 1st page on texas a&m ranking
  • lower 1st page on corps of cadets (both with and without reference to tamu)
  • 2nd page on raining frogs
  • 2nd page on “dust”
  • lower 1st page on texas drought history
  • upper 1st page on where does our foot come from
  • upper 1st page on do lightning rods work
  • 2nd page on honey
  • upper first page on china pollution
  • lower first page on first weather satellite
  • upper fist page on texas a&m enrollment – in general the search terms are matching our intended audience, they are on-the-go topics for on-the-go people

  • tamu mobile
  • tamu directory
  • tamu bus routes
  • where is texas a&m located
  • what does a&m stand for
  • tamu transportation
  • picutres of texas a&m – very well on names of buildings, but little else

  • 2nd page on “Kyle Field”
  • 1st page on tamu dining
  • 1st page on texas a&m chemical engineering
  • 1st page on tamu dorms
  • 1st page on tamu residence
  • 1st page on tamu recreation center
  • 2nd page on landmarks in texas – good on names of people, but very few actual impressions We need to focus the next round on making the areas of expertise search friendly

  • texas a&m visit
  • texas a&m tours
  • texas a&m address
  • visit texas (bottom of the first page! But no actual click-throughs)


Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 Search
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