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SiteImprove web monitoring now available

October 24th, 2013 by Erick Beck

Good news, the SiteImprove service is now ready for us to start using!

The long term plan will be to have it administered by the system, and have the system bill users directly. A web-based order form will eventually be created, but until In the meantime Mark Stone and the SiteImprove vendor rep have asked me to start coordinating with users on campus who would like to subscribe to the service to get your sites into the system.

The rate that I have been given is $0.54 per page per year.

We are encouraging anyone who wants to subscribe to the service to go ahead and send me your information. I will pass it along to SiteImprove and they will add your sites and users to the system so that you can start using it.

Please send me (

  • Your organization’s name (Your college, department, division, office, or whatever)
  • Name and email address of staff who will be users on the system
  • The URL of all sites that you want monitored
    Note that you can also exclude parts of sites from being monitored, so include any directories within each site that you want to be excluded
  • A maximum page allotment that you want to pay for (for example, if there are 11,000 pages in your combined URLs but you only have funds to pay for 10,000 we can set a limit on the number of pages crawled.)
Thursday, October 24th, 2013 Miscellaneous
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