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TAMUtimes Design Tweeks

February 6th, 2012 by Erick Beck

The design update that we rolled out a few weeks ago for the university web site will become the basis of a new family of looks for many other of our sites. This morning we have released the first of these overhauls with TAMUtimes.

As with the previous design upgrade, this one is not meant to be a radical change from previous design. It does punch up the graphical design a bit, but the main purpose is to marry the design concepts on the TAMUtimes page with the elements that we added to This puts a visual stamp on the concept that I have been stressing of reusing content across sites to make one larger web presence rather than a series of disconnected silos.

The most obvious of these bridge designs is probably the shift to a more decorative font on both sites for the tamutimes nameplate. We also are getting rid of the darker color themes and going to greater use of whitespace to create a lighter, more modern look. You can expect to see this trend replicated across several other new sites and site overhauls.

Monday, February 6th, 2012 Miscellaneous
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