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University Website Touchup

December 14th, 2011 by Erick Beck

Last week we mentioned in Brand Council that we will be giving the university website a slight makeover soon. We don’t intend anything drastic, just a few cosmetic touchups that will increase visual appeal, strengthen the ties to university branding, and make the integration with the TAMUtimes website more apparent.

While we make these changes, we are also using the opportunity to make some behind-the-scene changes. The template base has been rewritten to HTML5. This will be our first site published in HTML5, but we intend to begin using it for all new development projects. While the changes are minor, I can already say that I love the change to a more semantically rich markup. I have also noticed that the change cut the length of our page styles by more than half.

We will also (finally!) be putting the new page code into the Cascade Server CMS. We have already moved a few smaller sites into the system, but we are now comfortable enough with the system that we can start adding our larger and more complex sites as well.

With luck, all of these updates should be complete and online by the beginning of the spring semester in January.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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