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Calendar Now Live

March 15th, 2011 by Erick Beck

The last few posts have probably taken most of the thunder out of this announcement, but I’m pleased to say that the new version of the university web calendar is now live at

We see the new version as a step in the right direction in a number of ways. Visually it is not only more in line with the university site, but it simply looks nicer all around. Beyond its visual appeal, we think the new design makes it easier to find information on any given event. The spotlight section and “Top Calendars” navigation allows us to highlight feature calendars and events much more effectively than before. Our default view also is able to feature the high-profile events without them being hidden by the long list of everything else going on that day. Probably the most requested change is the new weekly and monthly calendar views that display all days of an ongoing event rather than just the first day.

Now that the calendar itself is finished we will be working on getting the documentation updated for you. We also plan to have a series of video tutorials for how to publish events and manage your calendars. In the meantime, if you aren’t already on the ListServ list, please go to the ListServ site and sign up for the calendar-announce list. That’s where we will be posting news, tips, and other announcements regarding the calendar system.

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 Calendar
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1 Comment to Calendar Now Live

  1. Well, one cool feature already bites the dust. It seems that even with caching turned on once the public started hitting the calendar we exceeded’s rate limiting for the api, so I had to remove the nice printout of short urls and their inclusion in the tweet-this feature. I’ll see what options we have for getting it restored, but it will likely not be immediate.

  2. Erick on March 15th, 2011

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