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Upgrades to Campus Calendar

February 23rd, 2011 by Erick Beck

I’ve been working for the last few weeks on reskinning and updating the campus calendar. There are two basic components to the project – updating the look of the site so that it falls more in line with the university website, and tweaking the features to make it easier to find event information.

While still not complete, it’s far enough that I can invite you to check out the new design and follow along at (Sorry don’t use IE to preview, it completely breaks the entire page. I still need to get fixIE.css in place. Other browsers seem to work fine.) Please pass along any comments or suggestions, keeping in mind that the styling is still rough and that cosmetic improvements are to be assumed.

Of particular interest is the All Calendars page. In the past users have expressed frustration with trying to find events, not knowing whether to look in the “Event Types” drop-down or the “Available Calendars” list. We are trying to solve the problem by creating one list of everything, which will be organized into about a dozen larger category types. If you are an owner of any of these please let us know if your calendar should be reclassified. (Yes, the page is one long list right now, this is one of the cosmetic changes you can expect before we go live, we just need organizational comments here.)

You will notice that we have a slideshow at the top of the page for featured events. We invite you to submit images along with your events, and we will choose a few every week to go into the feature rotation.

One other change that we’re working on that isn’t yet obvious on the test site is a way of filtering the higher profile events and making them more visible on the front page. The calendar has become so successful that we often have up to twenty events per day, making it easy for things to get lost in the noise. While we recognize that everybody’s events are important, we do need a way of elevating those of wider interest for the initial view in order to make the overall system more useful for more people.

There is plenty to do on the styling front, and a few bugs have crept in that need to be fixed, but hopefully we’ll have this ready to launch by Spring Break.


Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 Calendar
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