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Website Preview

November 10th, 2010 by Erick Beck

We previewed the prototype for the new university website to Brand Council this morning, so most of the campus communications offices now have an idea of where we’re going. I’m happy to say that their response was overwhelmingly positive.

We would now like to extend an invitation to our followers here to preview the site as well (and send us your feedback!) The URL is

Please keep in mind that this is still a working prototype so few things are set in stone, and there is some placeholder content still in place. The exact makeup of the page content is still changing, and will change more based on the comments you send us. We thought it important, though, to get your feedback before anything became final.

As a frame of reference – the site’s main audience is potential students and their parents. To that end we have emphasized those content areas that are most referenced by that group.

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 Web Content,
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4 Comments to Website Preview

  1. It appears that you have followed through on many of the points discussed in “Back to Reality” ( about content organization. Maybe it’s just because I know what I’m looking for, but it seems easier to find. It also seems like you’re putting things “above the fold” where possible (for example, resources for parents/current students/future students/etc.), which I think is an improvement. Finally, I like that the “Quick Links” section is collapsible, instead of taking up so much room. Nice job!

    One very minor nitpick, though, that stuck out at me first thing: why is “Quick Links” one word?

  2. Andy on November 10th, 2010
  3. I personally dislike the term as either one word or two, so that might be one of the first things to change 🙂

  4. Erick on November 10th, 2010
  5. I like the new look. And when the link to USC website is added it will be even better. However, it would also be nice to have a prominent link to Code Maroon web page somewhere on the first home page and not buried on the “Emergency Preparedness” web page link.


  6. Debra on November 10th, 2010
  7. Love love it, this is a great redesign. The quicklinks is my favorite feature of the homepage: you made sitemap sexy. I also love the double footer and the “It’s Time to Apply” module (although I’d make its background more faint or foreground more salient). I could critique a few things, but I’d like to give my compliments and say, well done.

  8. Monty on December 7th, 2010

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