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Google Analytics, Possible Campus Collaboration

June 15th, 2010 by Erick Beck

Last week Michael wrote a nice piece about how we can use Google Analytics to track user activity across subdomains.  This is a great new way of using Analytics, but it is limited by the fact that it still requires unique account numbers be added to each page, so effectively only works across subdomains that we individually own.

I’d like to make a proposition to campus web owners.  We would be happy to collaborate with you on campus-wide analytics tracking.  We can provide the code needed to add to your pages’ Analytics call, and in return will give you access to the Analytics console so that you can see your traffic with respect to

For some of you that might not matter since there might be little to no traffic being sent to your site from ours.  I can see a handful  of sites, though, where we provide a large number of links and where this information might be useful.

Anyone who is interested, please send us a note at and we’ll start getting things set up for you.

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 Analytics
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