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New Google Appliance

May 6th, 2010 by Erick Beck

We got the keys to a shiny (yellow) new Google Search Appliance this morning.  This one will replace the current machine currently running  We have gotten all of the current GSA’s configuration settings copied over and will be turning it on this weekend to start indexing the campus web.  So if you see tamu-googlebot-dev now hitting your pages along with the standard tamu-googlebot you’ll know what it is.

We will be contacting account owners next week to give access to the new machine so that you can verify that your collections and customized front ends are working as expected.  We plan on making the switch to this new machine over the semester break.  It should be a transparent change without significant downtime. We will announce firm dates and times as we get closer.

The nice part about having the GSA is that the old one remains ours after the two-year maintenance ends. We therefore intend to keep it in place as both a backup in case something happens to the new one and as a development platform.  We aren’t taking advantage of some of the more advanced features that the GSA offers, and this will allow us to use the old box to learn how those things work, and thereby provide even more cool services to campus.

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010 Search
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