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Google Analytics in Facebook Pages

April 9th, 2010 by Erick Beck

Yesterday I gave a presentation (PPT) to Brand Council about how to develop a successful Facebook fan page.  One of my points was that once the site is built you should monitor its usage, just like you would any other website.  And just like for any other website I suggested that the best way of doing that was through using Google Analytics.

There were a few people well versed in Facebook in the room, so I got the question I had been expecting…”but I thought you couldn’t use Google Analytics on  Facebook, it doesn’t allow you to trigger javascript on page loads.”  True, but using an embedded image in the Facebook page and some clever cookie management, there is a way of getting everything we need.

Many thanks to the folks at webdigi for developing and open sourcing this method.

As a postscript I’d like to use this find to illustrate an important point.  Just because you don’t know how to do something, or even if you’ve been told that it can’t be done, don’t be satisfied by the easy answer.  Do research.   When I was asked to build the Facebook page I didn’t know whether it supported analytics or not, but I knew that I wanted to use them and I went looking for how to implement them.  The internet is a big place, and more than likely somebody somewhere has already asked the same question you are trying to answer and has posted it online.  Use Google.  I can’t emphasize that enough. Use Google again and again until either you have what you’re looking for or are convinced that it can’t be done.  Then look again just to be sure.

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Friday, April 9th, 2010 Analytics, Social Media
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