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New: Mobile Photos –

March 21st, 2010 by tamuwebmaster

So you had fun over spring break?… I beg to differ. I got to sit down on the laptop and knock out some really fun code, finalizing version one of the new photos application on If you haven’t discovered A&M photos on Flickr I suggest you pick up a phone or visit it on your computer because the content is always flowing. The Division of Marketing & Communications has done a great job of keeping recent A&M Photos available to the public with outstanding descriptions and tags. Even while I was in the process of developing this application I managed to ‘get lost’ in the limitless amount of content.

In version one, you will see two primary viewing types, albums and tags. Using these two types, you can filter literally hundreds of photos, from campus construction photos, photos of our new President Dr. Bowen Loftin, and even our First Lady, Revellie VIII.

Thanks to Flickr’s robust API, I was able to make this content mobile friendly. Individual photos have ‘full views’ when clicked so you can even save and use each photo as a phone background. In version two I will be looking into adding a custom search feature and map tags making campus tours even easier. As always, we are looking to hear more from you the user. If you have any ideas please write us, Thanks for tuning in!


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