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Campus Maps Status

February 16th, 2010 by Erick Beck

As was mentioned on the comp.admin mailing list a few weeks ago, our long term plan for the campus maps solution is to phase out and transition to the new site created and maintained by Facilities Coordination.

Marketing & Communications provided the current version of the map about five years ago, when there was no other online interactive map generally accessible to the pubic.  It has always been problematic, though, because we are not the definitive source for building information, bus routes, parking, or any of the other features on the map.  So while it was nice when it was new, it quickly became a maintenance headache and the content became aged and out of date.

Facilities Coordination, however, is the logical organization on campus to provide the new version of the map.  They maintain campus building information, so the data should be kept much fresher than we were able to do.  They also eat, drink, and breathe mapping.  It’s what they do and what they have a passion for it.   We are therefore happy to work with them in creating the next generation of campus map… hopefully also including a mobile version as well for the TAMU mobile website.

The current maps version still gets a lot of traffic, so we are going to start the transition in stages.  First, I have added a robots.txt file on the server to start blocking its being indexed by search engines.  I don’t expect that to do much, but it’s a start.  I’m also now asking you to start looking at your site and see if you have any links to  If you do, the links should be updated.  We have created a maps portal page with several map “products” such as directions or printable maps, or you may link directly to, especially if you want to link to a particular building location/information.

We want to be proactive in this process and will start combing log files for sites still referring visitors to the current site.  We will then start sending notifications to those we can identify to let you know the link still exists. We don’t have a firm timeline for when we’ll turn off the server, but when we do we’ll give you advanced warning and will set up a redirect so that visitors at least are referred to the new map.

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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 Campus Maps
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