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Image Repository online, again

January 22nd, 2010 by tamuwebmaster
campus image repository

Shot of the Campus Image Repository home page

Okay about a year ago I mentioned that a photo repository was online. Well, in that time we’ve had a little bit of time to test and refine it. We learned some things along the way too and have relaunched it with a few tweaks.

Probably the most important would have to be, how do you manage all of those photos? Answer: you don’t. That’s where the idea of feeds come in. This way Roz over at Mays or Matt in Engineering (two of our first guinea pigs for sharing) can add/manage/remove their photos as needed to keep them updated and fresh. But they still end up browsable and searchable in one location. So, to access any repository that has joined our “party” (as Roz called it), simply choose from the pulldown menu on the left.

Next is the importance of tags and descriptions. It’s one thing to have an image in there, but unless you want someone to go through images labeled “IMG_1234” or the like, tags make it so much easier. Descriptions are good, too — especially if someone else ends up using a photo and you want to make sure they are noting/explaining it correctly. We’re also having to reorganize our sets so that they are more intuitive in name.

Third is to know when to stop. We originally had the geolocation thing going, but it turned out to add an extra 750K to the page load. Do people really want an extra 3/4 of a MB with each image just to tell you that the Academic Building is on the main campus? What helps is that with separate repository feeds, an image — while not geolocated — is now feed-located, so that if you grab a Mays shot you know where it at least came from.

There are a few more, but give it a shot and see. And if you have a public Flickr feed that has some good quality campus/subject shots let us know so that we can get your feed added to the list. Also let us know if there are image sets you’d like to see. For example, with all of the latest on the presidential search, we’ve had a request for a set that includes head shots of Dr. Loftin and even the upper administration.

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 Image repository, Ongoing Projects
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3 Comments to Image Repository online, again

  1. Quick update. A heads-up reader sent us a URL from a personal feed of theirs of some really good shots of campus buildings and sites. However, due to some licensing issues, we can only take feeds from A&M departments, colleges and offices right now. This helps us better insure that the photos (and the rights) are indeed ours. Unfortunately, that leaves out some really great shots from some really great photographers.

  2. chiv on January 22nd, 2010
  3. I’m still geotagging all of our photos, but I’ve got serious OCD issues.

  4. Roz on January 24th, 2010
  5. Thanks for the feed Roz. Gave a presentation yesterday and used your feed and sets as an examples of tagging and organizing.

  6. chiv on January 27th, 2010

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