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January 13th, 2010 by tamuwebmaster

Just before the winter break we released the mobile website for Texas A&M University. It is accessible at and should function appropriately on the majority of Internet-enabled mobile devices.

Goals of Texas A&M University Mobile

We’ve said it before but I want to re-iterate some points about this new site.

First and foremost, this website is not intended as a mobile version of the main Texas A&M site, It is possible that we might have a slimmed down template for the main site in the future, but this particular site is designed to enhance experience on mobile devices, not provide the same content in a smaller format.

We want this site to be useful to you. In this first version we focused on a few key areas of interest including bus routes, search, and the calendar. We are dependent upon your feedback on these features as well as ideas for future features.

The mobile site is designed to get you the information you seek quickly. For example, we noticed that people hit the site during a football game in search of the answer to a trivia question, “What does A&M stand for?” from their mobile devices. This led us to add the FAQs page to the mobile site. We also see a lot of interest in searching the directory for faculty, staff, and student information, so we added a directory search.

Coming Improvements

While we haven’t yet set a schedule for the next release, we are considering including some enhancements to current features such as the Bus Routes information as well as adding video and course information. Ultimately we want to provide a similar experience to the TAMUMobile iPhone App to all Smart Phone owners using the mobile web.

Weigh in on your experience or wishes by commenting or emailing us.


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 Mobile Web
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