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Mobile view… a survey

October 14th, 2009 by Erick Beck

When looking across the country and talking to folks at HighEdWeb, there is still no real concensus on how to tackle mobile web development.  Most of even the leading schools have turned it over to third party developers, who then build iPhone apps… exactly what I said last time that I didn’t want to do here.

I did, though, find one bright spot.  MIT has taken a similar approach and has Open Sourced their web kit, so I need to do more detailed research into their product.  They do browser sniffing and then compare the results to the wurfl project, which tracks the capabilities of phones on the market.  They then fork the code received by the phone based on its capabilities.  Features are progressively added so that base line machines get unstyled text content while smart phones get more and iPhones/iPod Touches get the full experience.

Whatever direction we ultimately go, you should be prepared for this to not be a straight-line process.  We will be rolling out the project with a few basic apps to begin with and adding a few more as we get them built and integrated.  As we do so the layout and features of the base will likely change as well.

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 Mobile Web
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