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Calendar Maintenance Completed

September 25th, 2009 by Erick Beck

As I mentioned yesterday in the announce mailing list (, subscribe if you are interested in receiving announcements that don’t make it onto the blog) we identified the bug affecting logins shortly after noon and finished maintenance on the calendar soon thereafter.  While we regret that users couldn’t log in, the change to the new hardware plus the code updates should make the calendar more stable in the long run.

We also learned a few things in the process… both about skinning the calendar and about how it is already being used on campus.  For example, we found that there are a lot of people embedding various calendar views onto their   own web pages via the widget interface.  Frankly I hadn’t expected such a widespread us of them.  We will therefore be particularly careful that whatever we do in the future doesn’t affect them.  Also, we need to provide you the means to override the default colors and styles so that you can make them blend into your pages instead of simply reflecting tthe style of the central calendar.  This should be a relatively easy process involving the addition of a custom style sheet on your end.  Give us a little time and we’ll provide a template with all the classes and ids that will let you make the changes easily.

Also, the new UNL code comes with a mobile view.  One of our big initiatives for the fall is going to be to provide a mobile interface to a lot of the campus applications, and this seems like a perfect start.  Right now the mobile calendar is functional but not styled, so look for a release announcement probably sometime next week.

Friday, September 25th, 2009 Calendar
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2 Comments to Calendar Maintenance Completed

  1. Could calendar-announce listserv postings be put into a news feed? I prefer news feeds over listservs for that type of information because it doesn’t clutter up my in box or hard drive. I can just add the news feed to my feed reader firefox plug-in (Brief) and quickly see what’s new.

  2. James Kimrey on September 25th, 2009
  3. As far as I know there is no mechanism for transforming a Listserv list into an RSS feed, though I suppose you could create a Yahoo Pipes solution to do that. If you don’t like the listerv watch the RSS feed that comes from this blog, we post most of our announcements here as well.

  4. Erick on September 30th, 2009

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