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Upcoming Calendar Updates

September 9th, 2009 by Erick Beck

The developers at UNL have done a good job of adding some new features to the calendar code, and we have gotten a bit behind.  We are therefore going to need to schedule a maintenance outage on the calendar while we upgrade to the new code.  I have already upgraded the test server and the process should be short and simple, but we will still schedule it for a weekend or evening to avoid peak usage.  We plan to move the site to new hardware during the same maintenance window so specific times will be based on when that becomes ready.  Once we have a time and date it will be announced and sent to CIS for publication on their problem/enhancement websites.

One nice new feature will be the addition of featured calendars.  This allows us to not only feature specific events but also entire departmental calendars.  We intend to use this feature to hilight calendars what are particularly relavent during certain times of the year.  So at the beginning of the semester we might feature the Academic Calendar, while toward the end we will feature the Final Exam Schedule.  Another example of  good use would be calendars that have events scattered throughout the year but which have a critical target date when most season tickets are sold.  Featured calendars will be those that have large numbers of events that are of interest to significant numbers of people.  We are open to requests, so use this criteria as an incentive to start getting your events entered into the calendar.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 Calendar
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