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iTunes U revamp

July 7th, 2009 by tamuwebmaster

We’ve just finished updating the iTunes U site as well as the Texas A&M store on iTunes U. The store gets new graphics and a consistent set of branding for all of the albums and a cleaner, lighter look.The site gets a new layout and added functionality as we try to bring more of what’s in iTunes U to the site for people to see. We’re starting with the top downloads, but hopefully will be able to pull out other feeds of titles and topic areas.

But what the new site does is set a foundation of design for one of the projects on our slate. It’s tentatively titled “Podcast Central” (I wanted to use “Rasputin” but I found out that Favreau and Co. are using that codename for Iron Man 2), but it would be a central point to feed in podcasts from different places and venues. This would allow us to highlight videos from iTunes U, our and other A&M youTube sites and playlists, MediaMatrix feeds, KAMU streams, departmental podcast RSS feeds and more — and have it appear and be highlighted on this site.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 Multimedia, Podcasting
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