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Calendar Launch

May 29th, 2009 by Erick Beck

We’ve had great feedback from those who have already started logging into and using the calendar. We’re now ready to open it up for the rest of campus – so if your department would like to get on the calendar, just give us a call and we’ll get you set up and run you through the basics.

Please note that just because we consider the product launched that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop listening to input and making changes based on that.  So if you see new Event Types or slightly changed functionality, that’s just us trying to improve the system for you, the user.

We hope that we’ll get enough events posted over the next few weeks that we can start drawing events from this calendar onto the university home page, so please, do start entering events.  And if you’re not the person in your office responsible for communications, and they haven’t heard about this project, help us out and spread the word.

Friday, May 29th, 2009 Calendar
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2 Comments to Calendar Launch

  1. link for more info?

  2. mherro on May 29th, 2009
  3. can get you started. Or you can always contact us directly at

  4. Erick on May 29th, 2009

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