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Google at the IT Forum: Your input requested

May 14th, 2009 by mdmcginnis

We’re pretty excited about the new calendar demo, but on May 27, at the IT Forum, I’ll be sharing new thoughts on topics that aren’t as new: how webmasters can take advantage of the Google Search Appliance and apply basic principles of search engine optimization.

Some of the SEO tips may be new to you, specifically as they apply to Google, and many campus sites haven’t tried them yet. Following best practices will help your own site improve its search engine rankings, but they can also improve the rankings of the university as a whole. And of course, they will help visitors find your pages more easily using our campus search.

I’ll be expanding on my previous blog posts on the Google Search Appliance, such as:

I’ll be discussing search boxes, which any webmaster can add to his or her site just by pasting some code into the pages. I’ll be discussing advanced tools such as KeyMatches, Related Queries, Front Ends, and Collections that can give webmasters access to the Google box itself, without any complicated coding. I’ll be demonstrating some of the advantages of the Google Search Appliance over other search solutions – even over the public Google engine.

For webmasters of larger sites, I’ll demonstrate how highly customizable search results can be if you want to modify your department’s Front End: just compare the usual results for “engineering” with this experimental dynamic result clustering for “engineering“.

Especially, I’ll be answering your questions. My main goals are to get more webmasters using the Google Search Appliance, using more of its features, and optimizing their pages for higher rankings. How can we help you improve the search experience of your site visitors? Please send me your thoughts and questions, so I can make sure we cover them at the IT Forum.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009 Area Events, Search
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2 Comments to Google at the IT Forum: Your input requested

  1. I would like to hear about how Microformats are going to affect SEO in light of this:

  2. Robert Stackhouse on May 15th, 2009
  3. Yes, I’m rooting for microformats – is there one for college courses? On the other hand, if the data isn’t available, Google can’t display it.

  4. mdmcginnis on May 15th, 2009

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