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TechRepublic Top 10 Developer Skills Article

April 10th, 2009 by tamuwebmaster

Justin James has written many good articles about development, and has done it again with a recent article titled 10 skills developers will need in the next five years. His list includes some big languages (.NET/Java/PHP), Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), web services, agile methodologies, and mobile development to name a few.

I think the article is spot on with what I’ve been seeing in the industry, and in our shop, we are looking at (or using) many of these technologies already. I like to think that helps reassert our position as a leader in application/web development at A&M. The ones we area actively using are .NET, PHP, agile development practices, web services (REST/SOAP), a bug tracking system (JIRA), and a source control system (Subversion). Soon we will be playing with some RIA and mobile development technologies, something I’m particularly looking forward to.

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Friday, April 10th, 2009 Programming
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