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Content Management System Update

April 9th, 2009 by Erick Beck

Many of you have been asking about the status of the Content Management System, and after a discussion with Jason Cook, our Vice President of Marketing and Communications, we are now finally allowed to share the details.  Jason shared this information with college level communicators a few weeks ago, so we wanted to be sure to let you know as well.

In short, the concept of a campus-wide rollout of the CMS was a priority of the previous administration, but is now seen as being less important.  Under the original plan we would have begun ramping up on staff to support the CMS shortly after purchasing it, but we are now unable to hire anyone for that purpose.  This leaves us with the software but no one to support and administer it.

Jason proposed a compromise solution to the communicators group, which outlines the only way I think we’ll get the CMS project rolling. This solution calls for tackling the CMS as a collaborative project, with each office interested in using the system contributing something — manpower, dollars toward the service contract, servers to run the system, etc.

We have a few groups in mind that we want to talk to about joining this effort so that the project doesn’t simply get thrown away.  If any of you are also interested in working together on this, please contact us so that we can include you in the discussions.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 CMS
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