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March 30th, 2009 by Erick Beck

Last Friday we took our first step toward creating a unifying Podcasting Central for campus. We revamped and republished the Do You Wonder? website into what will be the beginnings of a site that will bring podcasts from around campus into one common area where they can be browsed and played. The eventual end product will contain similar modules from YouTube, iTunesU, Media Matrix, and from offices around campus. Many of you have probably seen the announcement from YouTube last week about creating EDU channels; we have already applied and hope to take advantage of this partnership program.

In order to create this modularity and interoperability, RSS feeds will be an important element binding them all together. The new Do You Wonder? uses YouTube as a back-end and administrative platform. Favorites and Playlists hold the pool of videos and categorize them, and then RSS feeds from each allow us to bring those links to the web site. We are able to constantly add new videos to the mix through subscribing to particular search terms on YouTube and marking interesting ones as a favorite.

The original Do You Wonder? site was designed to display user-generated content from our fans and followers. While we will continue to do this, we see the future of the site shifting more toward university generated content. If you would like to see your videos displayed on the site simply upload them to YouTube and tag them as ‘doyouwonder,’ and our administrative mechanisms will do the rest.  BTW, don’t forget about accessibility!  YouTube now allows users to upload captioning with their videos.

Our next installment will be an upgrade of the iTunes U website and the iTunes store. John is working on the graphics and layout now so with luck it won’t be long…

Monday, March 30th, 2009 Multimedia, Podcasting
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