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Faculty Directory Page

March 26th, 2009 by Erick Beck

We are pleased to announce, though most of the work was done by you, the publication of a new page on the university website – a faculty directory.

Why the fanfare? Isn’t this in fact just a list of links to faculty names, contact information, and research that has already been published by the colleges and departments? Well, yes. But it has never been published in one place. And what is the importance of that? Student recruiting!

Today’s undergraduate students are becoming more sophisticated every year. They have to, there are ever increasing pressures from colleges around the country to recruit the best students. This in turn means that students will be doing their research like never before on where they will attend college. Looking at their prospective faculty is part of the research that they are starting to do.

It has long been known that graduate students will often choose to attend a certain school because of particular faculty members and their research interests, but this trend is now happening with undergrads as well. They are no longer satisfied to have “Dr. Staff” teaching their class, but want to be able to interact with and learn from the brightest faculty in the country. That’s where this page comes in – it gives them at least a glimpse of our faculty and their areas of interest.

Right now linking to the page is relatively limited, but as we expand our web presence we intend to start pushing more and more viewers here. We would encourage others to link to it though – for those in research, university admissions, etc. it would be a natural fit.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
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