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Our own Twitter Usage

March 2nd, 2009 by Erick Beck

It’s ironic that my delicious entry from a few days ago “Is Your University Using Twitter to Its Fullest Potential?” generated enough interest to be retweeted several times.  Luckily I replied “no” to that question, because in many respects we haven’t even been using it *correctly.*

Part of it failure was high hopes and technology that is still new.  We were looking for a way that everybody in the office could send a direct tweet from our own account that published out to the blog, as well has having our Delicious RSS feed converted into blog posts (process explained by John earlier).  Then using twitterfeed the entire blog, including the tweets, would be sent out as individual tweets from @tamuwww.

In other words, we were using twitter only as a way of pushing our own message out.  We ignored the cardinal rule of social media, that it is supposed to be a two-way conversation.  So replies to several of our tweeted posts sat there without a reply — because we never considered that people would reply we never bothered logging in to look for them.  Bad.

So for those of you who have sent messages to @tamuwww and not received responses now you know why, and you have our apologies. We’ll be better about this in the fugure.

Monday, March 2nd, 2009 Social Media
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