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I know the future of Google search

January 7th, 2009 by mdmcginnis

Incredible efforts have been expended to try to figure out Google’s search algorithms. SEO consultants have conducted countless inconclusive experiments (using their clients’ money), researchers have delved into Google’s patents (wondering which have been implemented and which are bluffs), and site owners have doled out millions of dollars in an attempt to get the No. 1 spot on their search engine rankings.

But it’s unnecessary. I know the future of Google search.

In the future, Google will continue trying to provide the most relevant results for each search. They will provide satisfaction to searchers. Or they will be eclipsed by another search engine.

And you can also predict the future of your website on Google search. Do you provide the best information in the world on a particular subject? Then Google’s engineers are striving to adjust their search algorithms to put your Web page on top. They have to, to stay competitive.

True, if your subject is not very popular, Google’s engineers may not be striving very hard. On the other hand, for less-common subjects, any well-built, well-optimized page is more likely to get high rankings. Google is less likely to develop special algorithms for them.

Unfortunately, even Google’s tremendous brain and computing power has limits. The harder your page is to index properly, the harder it will be to apply their algorithms to it. Even the most talented programmer can’t write code to figure out the subject of a page that has no inbound links, no text but “Click Here to Enter,” and no title but “Home Page.”

Every webmaster should look hard at his or her site and ask, “Okay, how could Google figure out what my site is about?” Do your headlines and title include the keywords that searchers might use to reach your site? Have you written all the content that your visitors will want to read, covering all the relevant topics?

Perhaps more importantly, do other websites link to yours as the most authoritative, most usable source on your subject? If nobody agrees that your site is worth linking to, because nobody can find what they want on it… well, Google’s engineers are actively improving their algorithms to take sites like those into account. You don’t want to be one of those sites.

The future direction of Google search is completely predictable. Google will try to eliminate results that aren’t helpful or relevant, and promote the ones that are. It’s that simple.

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 Search
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2 Comments to I know the future of Google search

  1. Are you sure thats the future , or the mission statement? It’s objective is to weed out non-informative sites and improve those that show value. Its the spammers that change the search – not Google. Same strategy as day 1.

  2. Corey on January 7th, 2009
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