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WikiPatterns for Wiki Usage and Knowledge

December 16th, 2008 by tamuwebmaster

The web team here has recently started using Confluence – an enterprise wiki package from Atlassian – to organize our group procedures, project documentation, and anything else that might benefit from a web based collaborative environment. As such, we have been looking at ways to make our wiki more efficient and standardize how we operate within it to maximize the benefits it brings to our group.

Today we stumbled on the site WikiPatterns. It is a site dedicate to showing best practices – as well as practices to avoid – when using wiki software. It has a lot of great information about how people use wikis, both in good ways and in bad ways. The best part about this is you can quickly identify bad practices you may have fallen victim to and correct them before more damage is done.

The site contains people patterns such as the Champion (good pattern) and the WikiNoob (anti-pattern), and overall adoption patterns such as Agenda (good pattern) and Inconsistent Spaces (anti-pattern).

We’ve already identified several good patterns we use, as well as several anti-patterns we will have to overcome as a group. For example, we have seen the Leech person anti-pattern show up. To overcome this, we are thinking about using the Acknowledge Goodness pattern to help encourage wiki adoption instead. Look for more blog posts from us on how we identified our anti-patterns and overcame them, or leveraged good patterns for our benefit!

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 Social Media
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