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Be Careful with Internet Explorer Until Patch Day

December 12th, 2008 by tamuwebmaster

Microsoft has failed to release a patch for a new exploit (Microsoft Security Advisory 961051) that targets Internet Explorer 7. The exploit allows malicious websites to install trojans and malware on the victims computer according to TechRepublic. This exploit allows the malicious site to run at the same security level as the user logged into the computer.

For users this means only visit sites you really trust right now with IE or use another browser such as FireFox, Safari, Opera, or Chrome. Assume that in the next couple days this exploit will be used heavily in XSS attacks until it can be patched. This could be used to steal passwords, perform malicious actions in your name, and more.

For administrators of Windows based networks, this again reinforces that user accounts should be limited in ability to mitigate the damages done, and security settings in browsers and group policy should be set as high as possible while still allowing people to perform their job duties. Users will administrative abilities on the local computer could be affected the most with this attack.

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Friday, December 12th, 2008 Web Security
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